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In this companion text for my music, access lyrics of 34 songs & some elements of
the background to their composition.
Also enjoy free playing of these 34 songs 
via this site.

book cover1_edited.jpg

Book Details

Publisher: Ultimate World Publishing

Language: English

Format: Paperback

No of pages: 240

ISBN: 978192282002

Dimensions: 15cm x 23cm

Shipping: $12.70 delivery ONLY in Australia

Note: We only ship to Australia.


Shoppers from other countries are advised to purchase through sites which appear when you enter 'Tesserae Kinned' in Google e.g. Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, local Amazon website and others. A Kindle version can be accessed via Amazon.

Australians ONLY, click on the link on the left to order and pay for a copy of the text, postage and handling.

Cost of Postage to another country is prohibitive.

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