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Wildfire Spun

Lyrics: James Cornell

Composer of 'Coming Home', 'Child Song', 'Facets': James Cornell

Composer of Other Songs, Singer, Vocals, Keyboard: Maria Rosa

Sound Engineer: Brent Hodgkins

Producers: Brent Hodgkins and Maria Rosa

All sound effects sourced from listed sites may have been edited, other effects added, eq'd differently e.g. reverbs and delays using licenses given.


Kind permission for use received via http://www.

Also from - copied, remixed, transformed, built upon and redistributed in any medium/format under Creative Commons License – see

Warning to people of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent:  

Song No 5 ('The Voyager') contains the voice of a person who has died.


1. 'Fireglow'

    Synthesizer: Brent Hodgkins and Maria Rosa

    Guitar: Maria Rosa

2. 'Alchemy'




3. 'Coming Home'

    Guitar and Synthesizer: Maria Rosa

    Arpeggio Sound Effect, Snare Shuffle with Brushes: Brent Hodgkins

4.  'Child Song'

     Drums: Brent Hodgkins


     ocean_waves_coming_in_with-seagulls (sound-ideas’s

     heavy_ocean_surf_roar_with_waves (sound-ideas’s)

     seashore (Ahmad Afshar)

     deep_ocean_storms (sound-ideas's)

5.  'The Voyager'

     Guitar: Maria Rosa 

     Speaking Voice: 'CJ' Power


     273150_michovath_heart_beating  (Michorvah)

    104588_meral_celtic-meral (harp) Meral

6. 'The Remnant - Dad's Funeral Song'

    Synthesizer Drums: Brent Hodgkins

    Tambourine, Synthesizer Strings: Maria Rosa

    James wrote the poem 'The Remnant' in honour of his Dad.  Maria

    composed the music to grace the celebration of his life.  Vale PR!

7. 'The Sleeper - For Keith'

    Fireworks Sound Effect: Recorded by Maria Rosa

    James dedicated 'The Sleeper' to his mate Keith who was on the

    threshold of ageing - a profoundly new engagement with life. 


8.  'The Longest Journey'

      Synthesizer Piano, Small and Full Strings: Maria Rosa

9. 'Love Can See In The Fog'

     Synthesizer Gospel Clapping: Brent Hodgkins

     Other Clapping: Maria Rosa

10. 'In Search of Dreaming'

      Bongo: Brent Hodgkins

      Melodica: Maria Rosa


      Spanish Rhythm on Spoons (sound-ideas’s)

11.  'Song From The Crucible'

       Melodica: Maria Rosa

       Bells recording_Chiuppano: Maria Rosa




12. 'Facets'

      Chimes: Maria Rosa

      Bubbles, Thunder and Stream Sound Effects: Maria Rosa

      (using Digital Keyboard Style Yamaha PSR E343 YPT-340)


  Photo: James Cornell and Maria Rosa

'Our struggle to reconcile with (people of Australian Indigenous descent) is our struggle to reconcile within ourselves, to recover what we are inexorably losing -

a mystical stance before an environing world. It is the struggle for the human soul, not just in Australia, but also throughout the world in the twenty-first century.


We refuse to engage them, and to learn from them, at our own peril.'

                            James Cornell, 2004:140

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'Maria, you've made love a resonant echo with your songs.'- JN 10/5/17

Vale 'Keis'.  Entered eternal life 15/10/2004.

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