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Fire Wrapped In Stone

Poetical source of lyrics: Roderick James (Rod) Cameron OSA

Composer, Singer, Vocals, Guitar: Maria Rosa

     'Kiata is a Spirit Person ... 

     the Spirit of fire, light and heat ...

     the Spirit of Summertime.

     Kiata is the Flame.'

                                    Rod Cameron OSA

Strong contributor to final form of lyrics for

'Angels in the Dust': James Cornell

Source of lyrics for 'God of All Creation' is unknown; however, musical composition is by Maria Rosa with strong support from James Cornell.

Sound Engineer: Brent Hodgkins

Producers: Brent Hodgkins and Maria Rosa

All sound effects sourced from sites listed may have been edited, other effects added, eq'd differently e.g. reverbs and delays under licenses given.  Sounds sourced: June 2015 - May 2016.


Kind permissions received via ; from - sounds copied, remixed, transformed, built upon and redistributed in any medium/format under Creative Commons License – see ;

from under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


1. 'Alcheringa'


    Synthesizer and Drums:  Brent Hodgkins

    Clapsticks: Maria Rosa


    stream with small waterfall in forest (mkinneysound)

2. 'Angels in the Dust'


    Melodica: Maria Rosa

    Synthesizer: Brent Hodgkins

3.  'Kiata to Ki-in-Kumi'      


     Synthesizer and Drums:  Brent Hodgkins

     Melodica: Maria Rosa


     Loose Earth Moving + Rainstick (Stephen Schütze)

     Single Lightning Bolt (gr8sfx)   

4.  'Walk Where Ancients Walked'


      Drums:  Brent Hodgkins

      Boomerangs clapping plus clapping sticks:  Maria Rosa


      Spear swooshing (sound-ideas's)

5.  'The Najara Spirit'


     Rod Cameron states: 'This remarkable, but beautiful story is told by

     Aborigines in the Maroochy area of Queensland.'



     Wind SoundEffect (Equality_X12)     

6.  'Will All The Campfires Fail?'


     Little Fire.ogg (Glaneur de sons)

7. 'Rest - A Lullaby'


    Chimes:  Maria Rosa


    Rain from Inside (Mark Di Angelo) 

8.  'Ode to Youth: The Old and the New'

     Drums: Brent Hodgkins

     Tibetan Singing Bowl and Shakers: Maria Rosa

9.  'God of All Creation'


     (Source of lyrics unknown)


     Country meadow ambience morning loop (soundrangers)

10.  'When the Wattles Bloom'

       Tibetan Singing Bowl, Clapsticks and Keyboard:  Maria Rosa


       Laughing Kookaburras (Christopher)

       Barred Owl Call (snottyboy);                                      


       Children cheer (nightingalevoicebox) 

       river rapids fast 004 (mckinneysound) 



'We live in story as a fish lives in the sea. Life is a journey and the hidden meaning is revealed in the unfolding of a theme. Sacred myths are the deepest of all stories holding the bedrock truths by which we live. To find our theme is to come to self-discovery. Myth is told in time that has no tense. Stories tell of a past that is ever present drawing events into an all-embracing Now. No one holds the total dream.'  

       Rod Cameron describing some of what the Alcheringa is.


'We cannot speak universal truth

But if we each speak our own truth,

Humbly and honestly,

The Truth will speak itself.'

       James Cornell   







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