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Little Deep Wells

     'Kiata is a Spirit Person ... 

     the Spirit of fire, light and heat ...

     the Spirit of Summertime.

     Kiata is the Flame.'

                                     Roderick (Rod) James Cameron OSA

Sources and inspiration for lyrics:          Rod Cameron OSA & James Cornell

Composer, Singer, Vocals, Keyboardist:  Maria Rosa

Sound Engineer:                                        Brent Hodgkins

Producers:                                                  Brent Hodgkins & Maria Rosa

Warning to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders: The song No 3 refers to an Aborigine who had died and for whom Rod Cameron OSA wrote these lyrics to honour her deep faith and journeying.  To all others, please be aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sensibilities in relation to people who have died.

All sound effects sourced from listed sites have been edited, other effects added, eq'd differently e.g. reverbs and delays added using licenses given. Sounds from:

have been used under Creative Commons License – see 

Initial recorder credited in brackets.

1.  'Little Fringe-Dweller'

     Lyrics: Rod Cameron and James Cornell


     Source of Sound Effects: 

     From by (sound-ideas’s)


  • tree_falls_on_ground_with_crash (IE02_95_1)

  • fierce_thunder_storm_with_wind

  • low_drone_with_dark_bell_hits

2.  'Story'


     Lyrics: Rod Cameron

     Classical Guitar: Maria Rosa

3.  'Eulogy for Sister Agatha'

     Lyrics: Rod Cameron                     


     Sound Effects Attributions:

     Crystal Bells: Maria Rosa using Digital Keyboard Style Yamaha PSR E343 YPT-340


  • Sea Waves (Mike Koenig)


  • fountain_with_spray_fades_into_running_water (sound-ideas’s)

  • low_drone_with_dark_bell_hits (sound-ideas’s)

4.  'Dark Diamond'


     Lyrics: James Cornell

     Sound Effects Attributions:


  • 4342_corsica-s_c-s-8

  • lonemonk Thunder Roll

  • rolar_dmb rain and thunder lightning


    From  by (sound-ideas's):

  • close_thunder_with rain 

  • fierce_thunder_storm_with_wind 

  • wood_thrushes 

  • ring_dove_calling 

  • robin_calls 

  • wood_thrush_song 

5.  'Another Australia Day'


     Lyrics: Rod Cameron


    Sound effects Attributions:

    From by (sound-ideas’s)

  • short_accent_whistle

  • amusement_park_ambience_with_children

  • sos_morse_code_telegraph

6. 'Natasha’s Spirit Resurrected'

    As the Japanese army menacingly advanced towards Australia during World War        II, it seems its War Cabinet in January 1942 seriously considered a scorched earth

    policy to  frustrate this enemy should the worst case scenario develop. The

    Soviets used such an approach to deny the German army resources during the

    same war. This sacrifice of setting fire to crops and possibly infrastructure has   

    also formed part of other armies' tactics against enemies throughout history.  

    Inspired by the spirit and character of 'Natasha' (in Leo Tolstoy's novel titled War

    and Peace), the lyricist chose this name to symbolize 'grow-back'.  In Australia

    such 'grow-back' symbolizes resilience, hope, renewed relationship with land

    and resurrection of life to capture some of beauty of pre-disaster status -

    especially needed after bushfires have devastatingly and wildly burned out of


    Lyrics:                  James Cornell               

    Tambourine:        Maria Rosa

    Plucked Strings: Brent Hodgkins

    Horses Sound Effect Digital Keyboard Style Yamaha PSR E343 YPT-340: 

                                 Maria Rosa


    Other Sound Effects Attributions:


  • rooster_calls (soundideas’s) (BirdsFarm1006_14)

  • constant_ringing_sleigh_bells (sound-ideas’s)

  • slow_shake_of_sleigh_bells (sound-ideas’s)

7.  'Sandpiper Enfolding Mystery'

     Lyrics: James Cornell

8.  'The Bunyip Song'

     Lyrics: Rod Cameron


     Sound Effects Attributions:

  • river evening song sound (Maria Rosa)

  • swampy sounds (Maria Rosa using Digital Keyboard Style Yamaha PSR E343 YPT-340)

9.  'Echo: Kiata to Earth People'

     Lyrics: Rod Cameron

10.  'Renew the World'

       Lyrics: James Cornell


       Sound Effects Attributions:


  • 95432_franknflute bellbirds Australia

       From by (sound-ideas's)

  • Large river with fast flowing 16843_1460746375

  • Running stream 16194_1460567817

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