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Overheard by the Heart

Composer, Singer, Vocals, Keyboardist: Maria Rosa

Sound Engineer: Brent Hodgkins

Producers: Brent Hodgkins and Maria Rosa

All sound effects sourced from listed sites have been edited, other effects added, eq'd differently e.g. reverbs and delays added using licenses given. Sounds from have been used under Creative Commons License – see

Warning to people of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and others:  

Song No 8 ('Black December') refers to a tragic event. It may trigger distressing memories in anyone who has experienced violence and, if so, please seek support.


1.  'Prevenient Grace'

     Lyrics: James Cornell

     Piano: Maria Rosa

2.  'The Graced Gift'

      Lyrics: James Cornell and Maria Rosa

      Modern Harp and Bell Harp: Maria Rosa


3.  'Evermore'

     Lyrics: James Cornell

     Piano and Melodica: Maria Rosa

4.  'Riding Into The Wind - For Teresa'

      Lyrics: Maria Rosa

      Dedicated to our friend and fellow traveller Teresa.


      horse_trotting_on_hard_surface (sound-ideas’s)

      cow_mooing_at_stock_yard (sound-ideas’s)

      cow_stampede_with_hooves (sound-ideas’s)

      cowboys_rounding_up_cattle_with_horse (sound-ideas’s)

      horse_splashing_in_water (sound-ideas’s)

      This song celebrates 'Station life' - an acquaintance of many of Maria's

      students. There mustering of cattle regularly occurred. When

      mustering and droving using horses was replaced mostly by

      motorbikes and helicopters, many horses were let go and became

      'brumbies'. However, in the eyes of many, these horses still remain part

      of 'family'.  

      This song also recognizes the passionate love of horses of Teresa -

      one of Maria's valued Western Desert colleagues.

5.  'Rainbow Snake'

     Lyrics: Roderick (Rod) James Cameron OSA

     Stream and Rain: Maria Rosa

     (using Yamaha Keyboard PSR E343 YPT-340)

     Rod Cameron wrote this was: "A Story shared by Jessie Calico of


6.  'Dancing Spirit'

     Lyrics: James Cornell

     Sea surf and clapsticks: Maria Rosa

     This song records the dancing in the streets associated

     with January 26, 1988.

7.  'Our Tracker'

     Lyrics: Maria Rosa


     wind_blowing_through_trees (sound-ideas’s)

     heavy_wind (sound-ideas’s)

     howling_and_banging_wind (sound-ideas’s)

     whistling_polar_synthethic_wind (sound-ideas’s)

8.  'Black December - For Claire'

     Lyrics: Maria Rosa

9.  'Prayer For Creation'

      Lyrics: Maria Rosa

      Lyrics: "Give us this day our daily bread" (Luke 11:3) from CPDV    

      (Catholic Public Domain Version) published 2009  

      Bongo: Brent Hodgkins

      Clapping and Clapsticks: Maria Rosa

10.  'Whispering Communion'

       Lyrics: James Cornell and Maria Rosa

       Violin and Quiro: Brent Hodgkins

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Photo: 'Keis' and Maria Rosa

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