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Rod Cameron, OSA's Commendation for

                       Red Land Songs


Dear 'Keis' and Maria, …The very beautiful Red Land Songs have contributed richly to my ministry, especially when I give the six day retreats and use the songs in my presentations. I have given retreats based on the Dreaming, at Canberra and Ormiston (Brisbane). In 2001, I will go to Adelaide. At St Joseph’s House of Hospitality and Prayer I will spend a week. 'The Dreaming' is having a powerful appeal.  (Thank you) for your priceless assistance. God bless. Sincerely, Rod (Cameron - 3/4/2000)


Some Other Testimonials


Dear Maria, You’d better frame this card for I rarely put pen to paper; a card from me is unique! We are on holidays at present so I’ve been trying to catch up on study. I have such poor motivation I need to play music that is inspirational to crank up the ol’ brain. This week I’ve been playing Red Land Songs. I do appreciate your talent. I’ve been so inspired that I decided to write to tell you how much I enjoy the aura you bring to the lyrics. … What a marvellous gift you are to us, Maria! Paul


Dear Maria Rosa, Could we be sent a copy of the tape Red Land Songs?  We like to sing at XY College and your songs sound good.  I certainly want to heighten awareness of Aboriginal realities. Tye


Dearest Maria, I hope I can make music as beautifully as you do and put into it my being and soul as you do in your music, the music of a whole people and land. Jue


The music is a joy to listen to – it rinses and cleanses the soul. I am welcomed by the music that she sings. James Cornell


Thank you so much for your tape Maria. We listened to it this weekend and very much enjoyed it. Ron was commenting that it is in a Pentatonic style (which he said was without the semitones) – to me it sounded very 'Irish' in its rendering. Whatever it was very beautiful and thank you for letting us share it. Sue (Trudinger - 4/7/1994)

Dave Austin, OSA's Commendation for

Fire Wrapped in Stone

Fire Wrapped in Stone brings to life the soothing music and song of Maria Rosa enriched with the subtle haunting sounds of the Australian Bush.  Inspired by the poetry of Rod Cameron OSA, these songs remind us that, 'This is a land where every horizon sings!'

(Fan the flames, Cameron, Rod, Karingal: A Search for Australian Spirituality.  Sydney, St Paul's Publications, 1995:56) - Provincial of Australasian Augustinians.

'Sublime. Healing. Touching the universal. Among other superlatives - superb!'

                                                - Teresa and Allan Alexander

'meddling with magic and mystery, conjuring forgotten bones till dark and pain grow young and strong’ – until, like many composers, ‘seduced into childbirth’ via composition the singer becomes a song. Her music works to present poetry more fully and aims to convey 'story’.'


                        - James Cornell

'The songs of the album Fire Wrapped In Stone are characterised by peaceful tranquillity.'

- Walter Shovk, Member of Australian Music Examiners Board (AMEB)


                       - Dennis


At a concert in Cairns (North Queensland), Rod Cameron asserted Maria Rosa’s music both extended and released his poetry giving it 'another dimension'. The profound insights held within the simplicity of Rod’s words still hold true thirty years later. Like the Arrernte Alcheringa (and its equivalent in other Australian Indigenous languages), Rod’s works transcend time.  Enjoy!

Vale Rod!  Entered eternal life 29/5/2009

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