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Red Land Songs

Poetical source of lyrics:  Roderick James (Rod) Cameron OSA

Singer:  Maria Rosa

Flautist:  Kerry Sanders

Guitar:   Elizabeth Giddey/Maria Rosa

Harmony Composition:  Yvonne Maulden & Maria Rosa

Production Assistant:  Marie Langtry CSB

Composer of 'Paperbark Trees', 'Wandjina', 'Angel Of The Lake':  Ron Bopf OSA

Composer of other songs:  Maria Rosa

Producer: Allan Black

Recorded by Black Inc Recorders, 1986 - see


1.  You Are My Country (alternate name: My Country)

2.  Red Land

3.  Brolga

4.  Boabab Tree

5.  Black Madonna

6.  Not Alone

7.  Paperbark Trees

8.  La Grange

9.  Come Wandjina

10.  On The Darling

11.  The Stream

12.  Angel Of The Lake

13.  Australia

This album commemorates the ministry of Roderick (Rod) James Cameron OSA

and his connection with both Maria Rosa and her husband 'CJ' or 'Keis' as he liked to be known. The trio have collaborated over a number of years to showcase Rod's poetry, expounding its fuller meaning.  This included performances by Rod and Maria in Atherton, Cairns, Dimbulah, Kuranda as well as in Innisfail, North Queensland.  'Keis' described himself as 'The Roadie' for these concerts.

In 1960, Fr Rod had a life-changing experience by the sea at La Grange (now called Bidyadanga) - as did Maria in 1977.  For many years this community and others in remote Australia (comprised predominantly of people of Australian First Nations descent) have transformatively been engaging with other Australians from within the depths of their own languages and cultures.  2015 was the 60th anniversary of the beginning of these intercultural encounters at Bidyadanga.


Assisting to develop understanding of the sacred and many Australians experience of it in their country, this music has been used both in Australia and overseas.  It has even been played in the mountains of Nepal!

It is available for your enjoyment.

Vale Ron.  Entered eternal life 7/12/2009


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