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Dear 'Keis' and Maria,

‘Fireglow’ is beautiful. The insights you share are mystical and the truth they discover is very powerful. Ultimately it is only mysticism that really makes sense. The sharing of this spirituality is your journey together and it is a beautiful thing. May God continue to bless you.

Your reflections enrich me too and extend my horizons. Aboriginal spirituality is exceedingly precious. It will enrich the Church – and I write these lines on the first day of Spring. …My function in the Cairns Civic Centre was, thank God, very successful.

God bless.

All the best.


Two Albums are also available in CD format:
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Red Land Songs              

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Fire Wrapped in Stone

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All Albums: Red Land Songs, Fire Wrapped in Stone,

Wildfire Spun, Overheard by the Heart, Little Deep Wells and other songs are available for electronic download on their pages elsewhere on this site.

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